Touraine Evasion

Tour Details - N° 7


Meeting at the tourism office of Tours 15 minutes prior departure where you’ll be welcomed by your driver

Leaving at 9.30

and 30 minutes trip to Amboise following the picturesque road where you will see troglodyte homes

The Clos Lucé( Visit: 1h15 min )

The home of Leonardo da Vinci

Magnificient pink brick and limestone Manor house where Leonardo Da Vinci lived the last 3 years of his life.
Man of a greater intelligence and multiple talents who was all at once painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, musician poet and scientist.
While visiting the Clos Lucé, we realise that his visionnary eye was 4 centuries ahead of his times.

5 minutes trip to the château

through the quaint little town of Amboise

The château of Amboise( Visit and lunch break: 2h15 )

A royal dwelling

Built on a limestone cliff overlooking the town, a lot of fortifications and defensive fortresses were built there since the gallo-roman era. In the XVIth century, it became the royal dwelling of kings Charles the VIIIth, Louis the XIIth and François the Ist. These three kings made a lot of changes in the architecture, expanding and embellishing the château, and making the transition between the gothic period and the beginning of the Renaissance.

Lunch at your convenience in the the heart of the medieval town of Amboise

Leaving at 1.45

and 10 minutes trip to the wine cellar

Wine cellar - Domaine Plou( Visit: 45 min )

Loire valley local wines

The Loire Valley is the third region of France for the protected wine production with Bordeaux and Burgundy areas. After a tour in the impressive troglodyte cellars where they are making and aging the prodcution, you will taste a large choice of wines among the delicious Rosés (refreshing, fruity), the easy-drinking or complex Reds, and the Whites from dry to sweet without forgetting the wonderful Sparkling Wines produced like the champagne method.

15 mn trip to Chenonceau

through the forest of Amboise

The château of Chenonceau( Visit: 2h )

Chateau of the Ladies

The most famous and visited chateau of the Loire Valley was built on the Cher river in natural surroundings where water and gardens combine harmoniously. Thanks to Catherine Briçonnet, the builder – Diane de Poitiers, the favorite lady – Catherine de Medici, the queen – and Louise de Lorraine, the queen dowager,the chateau of Chenonceau was the setting of an incredible history full of romance and unexpected events.

30 minutes trip back to Tours

back at 5:45 pm

Your driver will drop you off at the tourism office of Tours

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