Touraine Evasion

Tour Details - N° 5


Meeting at the tourism office of Tours 15 minutes prior departure where you’ll be welcomed by your driver

Leaving at 9.30 am

for a 1h15 trip following the scenic road of the Loire river banks

The royal château of Blois( Visit & lunch: 2h15 )

5 centuries of art and history

Blois offers an amazing panorama of the Loire Valley architecture from XIIIth to XVIIth centuries.
This château welcomed 10 kingd and 7 queens of France and the visit will fill you in the secrets of the château court and religious wars with sordide events like the assassination of the Duke of Guise in the king’s apartments in 1588.

Lunch at your convenience

in the medieval quarters of the city

Leaving at 12:45pm

for a 30 min trip to Chambord

The château of Chambord( Visit: 1h45 )

The dream of a King

Chambord is the largest château of the Loire Valley, with 440 rooms, 265 chimneys, a monumental double helix staircase and 70 secondary staircases. Built in the middle of a 13 000 acres parc surrounded by a 32 km (20 miles) long wall, this majestic 156 meters long building is a symbol of the ist French Renaissance architecture.

30 min trip to Cheverny

The château of Cheverny( Visit: 1h )

The "Grand Siècle" style

Built in one go between 1604 and 1634, the classical white stone facade of Cheverny stands in the middle of an outstanding English Style garden. Still lived in by the same family, this chateau is an exception in the Loire Valley thanks to the unity of both its architecture and its rich inner decoration.

1 hour trip back to Tours

back at 5:30 pm

Your driver will drop you off at the tourism office of Tours

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