Touraine Evasion

Tour Details - N° 4


Meeting at the tourism office of Tours 15 minutes prior departure where you’ll be welcomed by your driver

Leaving at 1.00pm

and 30 minutes trip following the Cher river banks

The gardens of Villandry ( Visit: 45 min )

Splendor of the italian style gardens

Villandry is one of the last châteaux of he Loire Valley. It was built on the remains of a former fortress.
It is mostly famous for its remarkable gardens which are considered as the most beautiful Renaissance gardens of France, mixing the creative genius of Italian gardeners with the ornamental tradition of French gardeners

30 minutes trip to Ussé

following the Indre river banks

The château of Ussé( Visit: 1h )

Sleeping beauty château

Overlooking the Indre river and beautiful terrassed gardens designed by Le Notre, this massive château is fascinating thanks to the complexity of its architecture. Charles Perrault was so inspired by the enchanting appearance of Ussé that he wrote his famous sleeping beauty tale.

20 minutes trip to Langeais

through a picturesque road winding along the Loire river

The château of Langeais ( Visit: 1h )

The wedding of Charles VIIIth and Anne of Brittany

The impressive and military-looking château of Langeais was built in only 5 years under Louis XIth.
It is one of the most curious and interesting chateau of the Loire Valley thanks to the cohesion between its inside and outside decoration giving a very vivid impression of the XVth century atmosphere.

30 minutes trip back to Tours

along the north bank of the Loire river

Back at 5.45 pm

Your driver will drop you off at the tourism office of Tours

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